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Eric Pascual was born and raised in the Bay Area and spent a good amount of his childhood in Hawaii. Growing up in a household with two working parents, Eric had to learn independence at a young age and it began with cooking... READ MORE

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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Think you can cook? Several new startups are giving home cooks the chance to prove their chops in the kitchen and make a few dollars by hosting meals in their homes or other locations that aren’t open to the public. Eric Pascual is one of the home chefs. READ MORE

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Though born and raised in the Bay Area, Chef Eric Pascual spent a good amount of his childhood in Hawaii. His passion for cooking started at a young age when he was introduced to cooking by his grandparents and parents. READ MORE

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It was just too hard to choose only one supper club meal from the Feastly platform, and Eats by E is so delicious, and established -- Chef Eric has garnered nearly 1,000 perfect reviews from diners... READ MORE

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