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I was born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by the arts and cultural diversity that it has to offer. Growing up, I spent my summers in Hawaii that ignited my passion for cooking. My Grandfather and family were a big influence in my love for cooking and food. He loved preparing meals for large groups of people using ingredients mostly sourced from his backyard.


It was my favorite time of the year when I was a child. I had great memories of my Aunt’s backyard and this bountiful 50-feet Mango tree that my Grandfather planted has been there for over 40 years. Playing around that backyard, I remember smelling the aroma of food coming out of the kitchen that slowly invited me to get in the house and watch what my Lolo (grandfather) was making. 

As part of the early Filipino migrants of Hawaii, there are stories in his cooking that continue to inspire me and keep me connected to my Filipino identity. Stories of living and surviving that has made the Filipino-American history its own culture in itself. The ingredients that he included in his meals speaks of perseverance, hard work, and love that connects the similarity of his experiences as an early immigrant.


To date, most of my recipes are inspired by my Lolo who’s built his own immigrant story that was passed on to my generation. Growing up in a household with two working parents, I had to learn independence at a young age and it began with cooking. When my mom wasn't working, she was showing me around the kitchen. Something that began as a responsibility soon turned into a curiosity, slowly turned into my hobby, and is now one of my passions.


I started hosting meals in 2010 with small groups of friends and have grown since then. Several opportunities opened up for me to continue my passion and now have been invited to be the Chef for many community events and banquets. 

I'm a Real Estate Broker by day and I spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen during my spare time. Through the meals I've been hosting, I have been able to portray my style of cooking, that tells the stories of my childhood and my culture.


Events & Feasts


I have a variety of feasts. I explore brunch and dinner both inspired by my family's ancestry from Bicol, Ilocos and Hawaii.  My recipes are based off of the progressive history slowly acquired from the provinces in the Philippines to the acquired culture around Hawaii and SF Bay Area. 

“The ingredients and recipes speaks of perseverance, hard work and love that connects experiences of ever evolving immigrant stories”

- Eric Pascual -



Feastly has been gracious to provide a platform for Chefs like me who want to practice their passion. 


Contact Me / TEL: 510-755-5055

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